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How Early Is Too Early To Start Thinking About College?

Many families find themselves thinking about college planning when their students are in their freshman or sophomore years of high school. But is that too late?

It is no secret that family life is busy, and time moves at a fast clip in those early high school years – and when the new realities of high school life are setting in, there is so much to think about and plan for, even outside of college.

To reduce stress and make the most of your student’s opportunities for success, it is ideal that students can enter high school already thinking about how college planning will factor into their lives.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm. Matching students with their best-fit school and navigating the process of college admission is a complex process – even more reason to start early.

For students, the summer before freshman year of high school is an excellent time for families to brainstorm and make a timeline for the college admission process.

Students can start drafting a list of their interests, hopes, and goals for high school; Families can look at schedules and start planning early college information-gathering visits – maybe even take a summer vacation to visit one or two top college locations to get a feel for the area. (And be sure to have fun while you’re at it!)

Windborne College Consulting can work with students during this period to brainstorm and create a college admissions timeline and game plan – making certain that students get a “leg up” as they kick off their high school journeys. Contact us today.

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