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Supporting Your Teen’s Wellness Journey in College

As college students embark on their educational journey, they face a new world of challenges, including managing stress, mental health, and independence. College wellness is not just about academic success; it encompasses the overall well-being of students, addressing issues like depression, anxiety, and time management. Parents play a crucial role in preparing their teens for this significant transition.

Preparing Your Teen for College

When touring colleges, it's essential to inquire about each school's counseling center and wellness initiatives. Find out the types of services offered, such as 1:1 counseling, group events, and wellness apps. Some of them bring in emotional support puppies!

A notable example is the wellness app from Ohio State. Open discussions about these resources are crucial, even if your teen seems disinterested at the moment.

Support Services on Campus

Encourage your teen to explore other support organizations at college, including peer counseling, tutoring, and career advisement. These services can alleviate academic-related stress and provide essential support for their career journey. Engaging with these resources early on can be beneficial, especially before any academic challenges arise.

Inside Higher Ed released a study in May of 2023 that found that “more than half of the survey respondents said their mental or physical health adversely impacts their academics”  While there are many factors that can affect a student's mental and physical health it is crucial to set teens up for success as much as possible before they head off to college. 

Tips for Parents to Guide Their Teen

  • Restful Sleep: Stress the importance of sleep as a crucial element for mental and physical well-being.
  • Nutritious Eating: Discuss the impact of healthy eating on academic performance and overall health.
  • Exercise: Encourage regular physical activity, which is vital for mental clarity and stress reduction.
  • Campus Facilities: Promote exploring the Rec Center and other campus facilities to find interesting activities, such as intramural sports.
  • Creative and Outdoor Activities: Encourage finding a creative hobby or spending time in nature, as these can be excellent outlets for stress.
  • Community Engagement: Discuss how joining clubs or engaging in community service can lead to a sense of belonging and purpose.

Staying Connected

Remind your teen of the importance of staying connected within the college community. Joining clubs and participating in campus events can prevent feelings of isolation and foster a sense of belonging.

Seeking Academic Help

Encourage your teen to seek help when needed. This can include attending professors' office hours, joining study groups, or engaging in on-campus research opportunities. Building connections with academic resources can significantly enhance their college experience.


By focusing on these areas, parents can help their teens create a solid foundation for a successful and fulfilling college experience. Wellness in college is about balancing academic demands with personal growth and self-care.

Additional resource: The College Wellness Guide from The Princeton Review offers valuable insights and tools for students.

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