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You Can Do The Arts In College And Not Major In It – Here’s How!

Let’s say you studied music or theatre in high school and loved it, but you have other goals for your college major – still, the idea of “leaving the performing arts behind” doesn’t feel quite right.

Great news – you don’t have to! For students interested in the performing arts, college can provide a wealth of opportunities – and you don’t have to major or minor in music or theatre to enjoy them.

Windborne can help you think through these options and create a list of liberal arts colleges that would be best suited for this type of interest.

For students looking for extra-curricular or co-curricular participation in the arts, most schools offer great opportunities.

Campus auditions for non-majors

Auditioning for a college theatre production or music ensemble is a great way to meet new friends and continue your arts involvement while you work on another major.

Most schools offer audition opportunities for non-majors in theatre and music – you could be in play, sing with a choir, or do technical theatre work backstage.

Community arts programs

Depending on your college’s location, there are often community-based arts organizations (like community theatres or choirs) that love to have new members. In some cases, these outside programs recruit local students to teach arts to local community members (an after-school program for young people is a great example). This is a fantastic way to get involved in community life in your college hometown, even outside of school.

Even as you focus diligently on the studies in your major, you should look for opportunities to be well-rounded because after college, job recruiters will be looking at you as a whole person. In college, we encourage you to dream big and soak up opportunities that interest and challenge you and help form you into the well-rounded, whole person you want to be.

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